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How Hoffice went global in 2 weeks

Right now the Hoffice concept is getting extra ordinary attention in the world. A story in the American Fast Co.Exist has been shared more than 7.600 times since it was published in January 29th. The day after, blogposts showed up in China and South Korea. A Polish newspaper and a Dutch talk show want to cover the Hoffice movement in Sweden. A group is already working at each others’ homes in Toronto, one is soon to be set up in Istanbul and in 15 cities around the world Hoffices are formed. A new one is coming up almost every day.

Read about how Christofer Gradin Franzen, a master in economics and a psychologist, got the idea of working at others’ homes for free. “Hoffice – the Story” is published below (click the “Läs mer”-button) and in the Hoffice home page, launched today!

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Self-compassion – a Road to Compassion

Emiliana Simon-Thomas is a neuroscientist, holds a PhD in how fear affects our thinking and is the science director of Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley, California. When we meet, she is about to distribute 6 million dollars for research projects solely on the theme of gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the core themes of the research center, focusing on positive emotions regarded as likely to lead to a meaningful life. Others are empathy, forgiveness and mindfulness. For Emiliana, her main interest is to increase the understanding of how compassion arises.

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9 to 5 – at others’ homes, with others. For free.

Would you like some working company, even though you’re not employed, and even though you can’t afford a freelance office? Would you like to support others who want to create a more sustainable world, and get the same support yourself?  Read my story about the new Swedish concept Hoffice (also published in Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv):


In the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. November 6th, 2014.

He can provide seatings for ten, eleven people – if some would mind working in the sofa or an armchair. They can use his kitchen and fast Wi-Fi. And he has a quiet room for phone calls – “though of course it will be our bedroom”, as Amrit Daniel Forss clarifies in his Facebook invitation to arrange Hoffice in the apartment at Reimersholme in Stockholm, Sweden.

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