Ashamed of Your Anger? Be Proud!

If there is any attitude that women are ashamed of in the world, it is being viewed as selfish. So they almost always put the needs of others before their own.
 And if there is any emotion that women are ashamed of in the world, it is … Guess what?
Christine Braehler, PhD, psychologist, teacher in Mindful Self-compassion, MSC, and MSC-teacher trainer.

Christine Braehler has struggled with them both. Tried to fix others so much that she ended up in empathy fatigue, and suppressed her anger so hard that she could not even feel it.

Exactly these trends she has seen in female participants around the world when she, one of the leading figures within Mindful Self-Compassion, has given retreats and courses the past five years.

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Others Around Saves Brain Energy the Best

It has long been thought that the brain is put to its least activity when we are alone and without any stimuli. But new findings show that our brain’s best energy-saving mode is together with others. The baseline is social, not individual, claims psychology professor James Coan at University of Virginia. ”And when you’re with your closest ones around, the brain is working even less.”

Right now, you can watch a computer-animated film with five basic emotions starred in the 11-year-old Riley’s head. “Inside Out” is trying to portray how feelings arise and what role their signals play in our actions.

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The article was originally published in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet September 15, 2015. Shared 32 000 times over Facebook in a few days.

Perhaps a similar movie should be produced, but with the brain’s Minister of Energy in the lead part. Because, according to new hypotheses, the brain, in all situations, makes a kind of fuel calculation – access, consumption, conserving – and ensures that we consume as little energy as possible.

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Learn Self-compassion!

Do you want to learn more about self-compassion? Or become a teacher yourself? The program Mindful Self-compassion, an 8-week course or a 5-days intensive, has in a few years has become popular all round the world – from the US to China, from Sweden to Australia.

I have met all the world leading persons behind the self-compassion movement. You can read my interviews by clicking on their names. Links to their web-sites you find here.


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