Learn Self-compassion!

Do you want to learn more about self-compassion? Or become a teacher yourself? The program Mindful Self-compassion, an 8-week course or a 5-days intensive, has in a few years has become popular all round the world – from the US to China, from Sweden to Australia.

I have met all the world leading persons behind the self-compassion movement. You can read my interviews by clicking on their names. Links to their web-sites you find here.


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Teach Children to Know Their Shame

Shame, I think. Necessary for our good behaviour, devastating to be exposed to. I really thought I said both during my talk last night, but a woman in the audience commented: “It’s the shamelessness that is devastating! And that’s what is spread today when parents don’t want their children to feel ashamed. “

Is that true? Do moms and dads help their children to escape the shame? If so, they’re doing their children a disservice.

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Self-compassion and the Tall Poppy Syndrome

They teach self-compassion around the world and get the same question wherever they come: in what way are we special compared to people in other countries? Here’s what Michelle Becker and Steven Hickman respond and how they look at the Swedes.

Michelle Becker, Steven Hickman

“There’s always one thing standing out: that we’re so similar. Wherever we go, the deep human matter shines through”, Michelle Becker explains.

“Even when the Swedes say …” Steven Hickman pauses, and tries to remember the expression he has picked up a few days earlier during the intensive Step 1-week near the town Ostersund. “What’s the name of it again …?”

The Law of Jante? I propose.

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