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Ashamed of Your Anger? Be Proud!

If there is any attitude that women are ashamed of in the world, it is being viewed as selfish. So they almost always put the needs of others before their own.
 And if there is any emotion that women are ashamed of in the world, it is … Guess what?
Christine Braehler, PhD, psychologist, teacher in Mindful Self-compassion, MSC, and MSC-teacher trainer.

Christine Braehler has struggled with them both. Tried to fix others so much that she ended up in empathy fatigue, and suppressed her anger so hard that she could not even feel it.

Exactly these trends she has seen in female participants around the world when she, one of the leading figures within Mindful Self-Compassion, has given retreats and courses the past five years.

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Self-compassion – a Road to Compassion

Emiliana Simon-Thomas is a neuroscientist, holds a PhD in how fear affects our thinking and is the science director of Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley, California. When we meet, she is about to distribute 6 million dollars for research projects solely on the theme of gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the core themes of the research center, focusing on positive emotions regarded as likely to lead to a meaningful life. Others are empathy, forgiveness and mindfulness. For Emiliana, her main interest is to increase the understanding of how compassion arises.

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